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First Jail Sentence Pertaining To Neglect by Pet Owner

Singapore handed out its first instance of jail sentence for a conviction under Section 42(1)(d) of the Act, pertaining to neglect by pet owners. 31-year-old ...
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Pet Health

New National Parks guidelines will not impose restrictions on use of electric shock collars to train animals

Singapore’s National Parks said it would not impose restrictions on use of electric shock collars to train animals. However, many pet owners petitioned to review ...
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AVS survey shows pet cats should be licensed

A survey conducted by the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) in Singapore revealed that over 80 percent of respondents expressed support for microchipping and licensing ...
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Furry Interest

Singapore sees pet abandonment cases soar this year

The rising costs of pet care due to inflation in Singapore have led to a significant increase in abandoned pets, according to Animal and Veterinary ...
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Pet Health

Tips to prevent heat stroke for your pets

It’s no secret that the past few weeks have been unbearably hot, resulting in an increase of heat stress cases in both cats and dogs. ...
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Five cafes you can bring your furbabies

Whether you prefer a laid-back café or an upscale dining experience, we’ve got you covered with a list of top-notch pet-friendly venues where you and ...
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Meet the world’s oldest dog, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, according to Guinness World Record. 


A clean environement

How do we create the best home environment for your pets and kids ? 

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What are the toys that not only make them come to you, but also stimulate their mind? Check out toys that trigger their intellect and joy…

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